How the education system could be improved

The education system could be improved greatly by making it more relevant and more interesting to students. The education system is dominated by a set of rules that are out of touch and out of date. Students are still expected to sit quietly in cramped, uncomfortable desk spaces, studying and absorbing teacher-directed materials for 6 […]

What inspires you as an author?

What inspires me as an author is the opportunity to help children fall in love with reading, as I did as a young child. I want children to experience the wonder and excitement of reading. I want them to able to travel anywhere and experience any adventure when their minds and imaginations are stirred by […]

Why should children read it?

Children should read this book because it will make them love reading, They will love the Fairy-Tale format. They will LOVE the illustrations. They will love the meter and rhyme scheme. They will love the vocabulary. It will make them happy to read it over and over again, to memorize it and read it or […]

Why did you write the story?

I wrote this book for many reasons. One was to give parents a good, fun book to sit down and read aloud with their children. The meter and rhyme scheme are catchy, and children will want to hear it again and again. I purposely wrote in rhyming verse because, as a parent and a teacher […]